Top 5 Markets in Ahmedabad

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Ahmedabad is a new industrial hub of India. The Gujarat’s top city is a model of innovations and beautiful life. The city life is also full of actitivities. You can go for a nice shopping experience in the city. have a look in the blog which aims at increasing your knowledge of the shopping areas there.

Top 5 Markets in Ahmedabad

Shopping in Ahmedabad can charm all tourists. Though you’ll get all the big famous brands here, there’s an old world charm about the market place. Get ready to load your bags with some astonishing bandhej sarees, pottery, handicrafts, silk patola sarees and antique jewelery. Here are the top 5 markets in Ahmedabad which you can follow–

1. Lal Darwaza

Lal Darwaja is the most popular shopping hub of the city. It is the busiest shopping area in the city. You can buy sarees, gents garments, children garments, shoes, chaniya choli, wallets, old books, belt and endless things. Lal Darwaja is the tourists’ favourite shopping area in Ahmedabad. They religiously pay visit each to take care of their shopping needs there.

 Lal Darwaza Market, Ahmedabad

Lal Darwaja is quite popular for street food in Ahmedabad. If you love to have street food like Pani Puri, Samosa, Dhokla, Pan, Dosa etc, then you must visit this market. It is advised that at Lal Darwaja you must first satisfy yourself with the quality of the product you are buying and then buy it. Try not to carry or wear valuable and expensive things while visiting this market. Also, you must be beware of pickpockets as it is a very crowded market.

2. Sindhi Market

Inundated with a lot of choices, it is a popular shopping market in Ahmedabad for bed sheets, dress materials, sarees, dresses and traditional items. This famous market is situated near Kalupur Gate. Another popular market, Revdi Market which is popular for textiles is located near the Sindhi Market of Ahmedabad. It is a definitely a must visit place for shopoholics.

Sindhi Market Ahmedabad

3. Dhalgarwad Market

It is the famous shopping place for traditional fabrics such as dress materials, chaniya choli, sarees and others. You can buy traditional items at reasonable prices. A word of caution though–please be aware of low quality materials. Or check and double check before finalizing the deal.

Dhalgarwad Market, Ahmedabad


4. Manek Chowk

the market of Manek Chowk is a popular square in Old Ahmedabad. It is surrounded by some famous historical structures. Manek Chowk market changes its colour as per the timings of the day–it serves as a vegetable market in the morning hours, a bullion market in the afternoon and a street food market at night. This popular market is named after saint Maneknath who interrupted and helped Ahmed Shah I to build Bhadra Fort in 1411. This market is located neat the center of the city which acts as a vegetable market in the morning and a jewellery market in the noon.

Manek Chowk Market Ahmedabad

The Jewellery market of Manek Chowk is the second biggest in India with an annual turnover of Rs.3 Million. It is known to be the most famous street market and food stalls start to emerge around Manek Chowk around 9:30 pm and continue till late night. If you love having Kulfi, Manek Chowk is a must visit place for everyone desirous of buying something nice.

5. Rani-no-Haziro

Rani no Hajiro (Mughalai Bibi’s Tomb or Tombs of Ahmed Shah’s Queens) is a very popular tomb complex near Manek Chowk area in Ahmedabad. The area surrounding the complex of Rani na Hajiro is now a popular market for women’s clothing, jewellery, accessories and a lot more. If you are looking for Traditional Garba clothes, you must visit this market. You will also find different types of mouth freshners, Mukhwas, stalls in and nearby Rani-no-Haziro.

Rani no haziro market ahmedabad

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